​​Rocky Mountain Center

For Individuals, Couples and Families

Maureen McKinney Selvig

Are you looking for help in working through challenging issues, but unsure where to start and how to find the right therapist? I believe very strongly in finding the right fit and if that turns out to not be me, I will assist you in finding that fit with someone else. I have worked as a psychotherapist for over 25 years. I have experience working with children, adolescents and adults in outpatient and inpatient settings. I work with varying levels and types of mental health issues (including depression, anxiety, self-esteem, sexuality, behavioral, ADHD) thorough individual, couples and family therapy.

My training is in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I will work in partnership with you on finding out how to tap into a more peaceful and happy life. We will work together on helping you develop the necessary tools to make that happen.

You will find that I sometimes have my therapy dog, Indi, at the office with me. If this is of concern to you, we can schedule her to not be there during the time that you come in.

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